#Cumbernauld Village

I had never previously been to Cumbernauld, so the chance to attend a conference at the Westerwood Hotel this weekend was also an opportunity to put this matter to right.  I had only ever thought about the place as being a new town. so it was a pleasant surprise to find the Village within 10 min walking distance of the leisure and accommodation complex.

Circle Cumbernauld

Laid out in a traditional Medieval market town style with a surviving area of rigs to the southend of the Main Street (Langriggs – now a community garden and dog walking haunt), the well maintained and conserved architecture is a stark contrast to the grey monotonous drone of the M80 which is ever present.

The photo is of the Circle Bar which reminds me of The George in Inverary, at least aesthetically.  The latter is an 18th C. hostelry built as part of a new town in another age, so perhaps the comparison is an apt one, however, many of the buildings here received a makeover in the 19th C., so I’m not going to stick my neck out on this occasion.

It’s not necessary to understand completely to appreciate completely.


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